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What is the eScrip program?
Introduced by Electronic Scrip Inc. (ESI), the eScrip program is a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the school or organization of your choice. (See eScrip merchant search for participating merchants and cards accepted by each merchant.) Paper-based fundraising programs have become a proven benefit to schools, churches, organizations, and to all the children involved with these participating organizations. The eScrip program brings an unprecedented ease of use and many other advantages to fundraising programs -- it's the best vehicle for simple, year-round fundraising. The eScrip program streamlines the whole fundraising process and puts everyone -- the organization, the kids, their parents, and the community -- in the winner's circle.

My organization is interested in joining the eScrip program. What is the process?
Search for your group and download an enrollment form.

If we are pre-enrolled, how do we become actively enrolled?
Complete the group enrollment form, including the coordinator's name and contact information, email address and a copy of a voided check. Return the enrollment form to ESI at the address provided on the form.

As a pre-enrolled group, why would we want to become active?
You may already have families (supporters) who have registered with eScrip and have chosen to support your organization. Their shopping could add up to contributions for your group, but you need to be actively enrolled. Enroll Now!

How does the eScrip program work?

Supporters register any or all of their existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program.

Participating national, regional and local merchants will make contributions to enrolled organizations, based on purchases made by supporters, who use their registered grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards. The eScrip program will continually contract new merchants.

By using these registered cards at participating merchants, supporters generate donations based on a percentage of purchases as determined by each merchant or service provider.

Every month the enrolled organizations receive all merchant contributions made on behalf of all participants. A summarized report listing supporters, merchants, and contributions amounts are available online.

Is there any cost to our school/group to enroll in the eScrip program?
There is no up front cost to your group. An administration fee will be deducted from your supporters' contributions each month. eScrip has found this to be the most effective way for groups to generate a large number of supporters. eScrip retains 15% of a group's total monthly contribution per month.

What types of organizations can participate in the eScrip program?
The eScrip program is a program for schools and organizations that directly support the education of youth.

Who is ESI?
ESI is a California (San Mateo) based corporation dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community to provide resources to organizations that support children. ESI's board and officers include individuals with diverse backgrounds that include computer technology, banking systems, marketing, accounting, fundraising, and the non-profit sector.

How much can my group receive?
Based on expenditures of $400 per month, at participating merchants, the chart below illustrates the extraordinary fundraising power of the eScrip program. Expenditures can be for food, clothing, travel and entertainment, as well as miscellaneous family purchases. AND, keep in mind that with the eScrip program, extended family and friends who live in and out of town can also participate, supporting your worthwhile programs.

Number of supporters Average $ amt. spent monthly Total contribution per year*
50 $400 $12,000**
100 $400 $24,000**
200 $400 $48,000**
500 $400 $120,000**
*Based on 5% average merchant donation
**Does not reflect 15% administration fee

Will this program affect our non-profit status?
It is illegal for us to provide tax information. You must ask the advice of your own tax professional. However, this program is designed to be run by volunteers in your organization and the funds are designated as contributions from the merchants, which should not change your organization's tax status. Again, we recommend that you seek the advice of a tax professional.

How and how often will our organization get paid?
Your organization can expect to be paid approximately 90 days from month's end. This time allotment covers merchant billing, reconciliation by merchants, debit transfers of money from merchants and credit to your organization's account. All deposits to your organization are made by Electronic Funds Transfer. This process safeguards against lost checks and delayed deposits by busy volunteers. It is the safest way to ensure that money is directly and safely deposited into your organization's account. The first payment will be sent 90 days after close of the first month of the program. Subsequent payments will then be in regular 30-day intervals. Your bank statement will identify the funds transfer into your organization's account.

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