"We love eScrip because it's a simple program to implement and, most importantly, there's no cost to our families!  Last year Mid-Pacific Institute earned over $18,000 through the eScrip program.  These earnings made a difference for the children of Mid-Pacific from preschool through 12th grade!"
-Ka'ili O'Connell,
Mid-Pacific Institute


15 Years and $445 Million! -
The eScrip Program

Welcome to the eScrip program! eScrip helps schools and other non-profit organizations earn thousands of dollars for much needed programs and activities, we do this by offering you the opportunity to earn large sums of money with a minimal amount of effort.

Online Tools:
The Coordinator Toolkit is where you will find everything you need to promote eScrip's national programs and your local eScrip merchants.

My Assistant is designed to make administration and promotion of your eScrip program simple.  Access my assistant to communicate with your supporter base, including promoting registered cards and collecting contact information.  Also available are pre-designed emails and flyers for distribution to your supporters.

Monthly Reports are available to help track your group's contributions and supporter lists.  Check the Report and Payment Schedule for report posting and payment dates.

The Supporter List is helpful for outbound marketing purposes and to gauge participation in your program.  The more supporters registered to your group, the more contributions your group can earn. 

eScrip How-to-Videos are available for you to watch from the comfort of your home or office. Each beneficial session covers one topic and lasts from 3-6 minutes. Watching these videos is a great way to learn how to build a strong program for your group and increase your earning potential!

Steps to Launch Your eScrip Program

  1.  Watch an eScrip how-to-video to learn important information and how to make the most of your eScrip program.
  2.  Create a marketing plan that includes regular communication to your families to better leverage the many funding opportunities available to support your group.
  3.  Promote your local merchants using flyers available in your Coordinator Toolkit.  Don't miss opportunities to promote your program, including:
      • Newsletters/publications
      • Meetings
      • Sign-up tables
      • Events

To get the word out to your supporters in a big way, order a personalized eScrip Banner.  Displaying a banner is an impressive and cost-effective way to promote your group's eScrip program.